Missions-Reaching Souls Here and Around the World

Bethlehem Baptist Church supports Missions locally, in our state, across the nation, as well as on the foreign fields.  Several times throughout the year, we invite missionaries to speak at our services and share their burden with us. God calls each of us to be a witness and example for others wherever we happen to be in the world. For those who have followed God's call to share God's message both here and abroad, we especially support in prayer and finances. Click here for ways to help our missionaries as an individual.

We are grateful to have a part in the support of these faithful missionaries:

The Rom and Rochelle Ribeiro Family has been planting churches in the heart of Brazil for the past 16 years.

The June Mangaya family - Filipino missionaries to the Phillipines. Email:

Arnold Alagao- Missionary to the Phillipines. Read More>>

Camp Chetek, led by Randy Tanis' Family– At Camp Chetek, based out of Chetek, WI, every activity and program is designed to bring each young person to that next spiritual step in their lives. Biblical preaching, a dedicated camp staff and carefully trained counselors all contribute to a well-rounded and spiritually focused camping experience. Camp Chetek seeks to fulfill the great commission of Christ while providing a totally unique, high-quality camping experience for each camper.

Mike and Sarah Frueh - Missionaries to Hungary  Learn More>>

Maranatha University – Based in Watertown, Wisconsin, this Bible college has a strong commitment to do the best they can to make sure their students are “fit for the Master’s use” in full-time ministry and service in God-honoring vocations.

Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches, led by Wayne and Carol Vawter

Our local churchBethlehem Baptist Church– Offering ministries for all ages and outreach with the Gospel


How You Can Help Missions As An Individual

Pray for missionaries during personal prayer time as well as during family worship time. Keep a list of missionaries and pray for 2 or 3 of them each day.

Read true missionary stories and biographies of missionaries as part of family worship time.

"Adopt" a missionary family or two (perhaps one you have had in your home for dinner when they were on deputation or furlough); sincerely care for and fervently pray for them.

Regularly write, E-mail, or phone a missionary (get your children involved as well in writing to the MK's.)

Send birthday, anniversary, and Christmas cards (again, do not forget the MK's (missionary kids) and to get your children involved too).

Send care packages.

Attend all the services in which missionaries are speaking and/or presenting their ministry.

Show hospitality to visiting missionaries on deputation or furlough (be willing to help where needed).

Give visiting missionaries prepaid phone cards.

Instead of trading in your car, donate it to your church for missionary use; or let a missionary family use an extra car (in good condition) while they are home on furlough.

Open your home during vacations and summers to MK's attending Christian college "home side" and help them find short-time employment if needed.

If the missionaries have elderly relatives living in your area, offer to provide them help and support on behalf of the missionary.

Host and provide meals for visiting missionaries and their families (you and your family will be richly blessed!).

Give generously to missionary projects and love offerings for visiting missionaries.

Volunteer to serve on the missions committee.

Volunteer to maintain the church's missions bulletin board.

Give out missionary biographies to encourage others regarding missions.

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