Would you like to know more about the Bible?

Many of us want to learn what the Bible has to say about our lives, our struggles, and our questions, but we don't know where to begin.

Perhaps we've never been given the information we need to read and understand the Bible. And perhaps we've never stuck with it long enough to learn. The truth is that understanding God’s Word can be hard work, especially at the beginning. With a little background information, some tools, and the help of other people, we can begin to experience God speaking to us through His Word. 

Our goal is to provide you with a richer Bible study experience with these interactive Bible study tools and online study resources. We hope to provide you with access to enough Bible study tools and fresh, new ideas that you will be able to understand and communicate the truth of Scripture in your home, your church, and as you walk through each day and grow in the knowledge of God's Word.

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*Please note that by clicking these links you are LEAVING the Bethlehem Baptist Church website, and that once on someone else's site we have no control over the content or links they offer. We usually recommend a specific tool or section; however, if you find any links have changed from their original site, or if the devotionals offer material contrary what we believe, please contact us, and we review the link for removal.

Naves Topical Bible Online Search

Online Bible study tools

- 23 Popular Bible Commentaries!

Bakers Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

Crosswalk Bible Dictionary Tools (6 different sources)

- a FREE, fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package. Includes Bible, commentaries and dictionaries, readily viewed without having to "tile windows."

Free Bible Study Charts

Bible read by Alexander Scourby (KJV)

Commentaries on Specific Books

Genesis, Henry Law
Gleanings in Genesis, Arthur Pnk
Exodus, Henry Law
Gleanings in Exodus, Arthur Pink
Pink: The Ten Commandments
Leviticus, Henry Law
Numbers, Henry Law
Deuteronomy, Henry Law
Pink: Gleanings in Joshua
The Life of David, Arthur Pink
The Life of Elijah, Arthur Pink
Psalms, Henry Law
Spurgeon on Psalms: Treasury of David
Proverbs by Topics [see also Downloads, below]
Song of Solomon, Henry Law
The Four Gospels, J. B. Lightfoot
Matthew, J.C. Ryle
Sermon on the Mount, Arthur Pink
The Beatitudes, Arthur Pink
The Gospel of St. Mark, G. A. Chadwick
Mark, J. C. Ryle
Luke, J.C. Ryle
John, B. W. Johnson
The Gospel of John, Arthur Pink
John, J.C. Ryle
Acts, J. W. McGarvey
Romans 5:1-11, Charles Hodge
Romans 5:12-21, Charles Hodge
Luther on Galatians
Charles Hodge on Ephesians 1-2 (pdf)
Philippians, Gordon Fee
Hebrews, Arthur Pink
Thomas Manton on James (pdf)
Revelation, John MacDuff
Classic Bible Commentaries
Reformed & Evangelical Commentaries Index
Search for more, Christian Classics Library
Pink Archive
Expository Sermons, by passage

Other People

In addition to personal Bible study, make it part of your life to regularly study the Bible with others. We invite you to get involved in a group such as our Sunday morning or Wednesday evening Bible studies. if you have not done so already or contact us to schedule a Bible Study with you in your home.


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